DILL, H.G. and PÖLLMANN, H. (2002) Chemical composition and mineral matter of paralic and limnic coal types of lignite

through anthracite rank. Upper Carboniferous coal in comparison with Mesozoic and Cenozoic coals (Germany).- Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists, Memoir, 19: 851-867; Calgary.


Lignite - Tertiary (quartz, kaolinite, muscovite, illite, pyrite, siderite, muscovite, illite-smectite mixed-layer minerals), subbituminous - Tertiary (quartz, gypsum, siderite, anhydrite, dickite, orthoclase, biotite, muscovite, pyrite, sphalerite, Mn calcite), subbituminous to high volatile bituminous - Tertiary (quartz, pyrite, calcite, dickite, kaolinite, natroalunite, dolomite, Mg calcite, Fe dolomite, sphalerite, smectite, sphalerite, illite, marcasite, plagioclase, talc-2M, kaolinite-1 Md, muscovite, biotite, siderite, gypsum, orthoclase) high volatile bituminous - Cretaceous (quartz, kaolinite, pyrite, siderite, Mn calcite, marcasite, natroalunite, talc-2M, bassanite, gypsum, muscovite, kaolinite-1a,anhydrite, smectite, biotite, natroalunite, sphalerite, Mg calcite, dickite, Fe dolomite, orthoclase, plagioclase, talc-2M), high volatile bituminous - Carboniferous (quartz, pyrite, sphalerite, dolomite, kaolinite-1a+1Md, dickite, muscovite, biotite, marcasite, halite, Mg calcite, orthoclase, sodium Illite, siderite, gypsum, pyrophyl­lite, smectite, galena, chal­copyrite), high volatile bituminous to medium volatile bituminous - Carboniferous (quartz, dickite, pyrite, dolomite, muscovite, Mg calcite, plagioclase,  thenardite, sphalerite, sylvite, marcasite, halite, Fe dolomite, kaolinite-1a2, biotite, anhydrite, smectite, 2M2 illite, orthoclase, Na illite, galena, chalcopyrite, barite), medium volatile bituminous to low volatile bituminous - Cretaceous (calcite, rhomboclase, szomolnokite, pyrite, Fe sulfate, Fe oxide-sulfate, quartz, paracoquimbite, dolomite, dickite, sphalerite, Mn calcite, Mg calcite, plagioclase, anhydrite, Na illite, kaolinite-1 a, gypsum, Mn calcite, natroalunite, coquimbite, talc), medium volatile bituminous to low volatile bituminous- Carboniferous (quartz, dolomite, calcite, kaolinite 1a, dickite, pyrite, biotite, Mg calcite, siderite, muscovite, halite, sylvite, anhydrite, thenardite, sphalerite, marcasite, kaolinite-1a1, plagioclase, Fe dolomite, illite, smectite, Na illite, Mn calcite, orthoclase, illite 2M2, natroalunite, galena, chalcopyrite, barite),  low volatile bituminous -  Carboniferous (quartz, pyrite, Fe dolomite, sphalerite, quartz, muscovite, biotite, marcasite, dickite, plagioclase, anhydrite, talc-2M, calcite, Mg calcite, anhydrite, barite), semianthracite - Carboniferous (quartz, dickite, pyrite, Fe dolomite, siderite, marcasite, halite, Mn calcite, muscovite, biotite, plagioclase, illite, smectite, sphalerite, kaolinite-1a, kaolinite-1 Md, anhydrite, Na illite, talc-2M, thenardite), anthracite - Carboniferous (quartz, kaolinite-1 Md, sylvite, thenardite, siderite, halite, pyrite, sphalerite, Na illite, dolomite, calcite, plagioclase, illite, biotite, muscovite

smectite, talc-2M, gypsum, Fe dolomite, Mn calcite)