DILL, H.G. (2007) A review of mineral resources in Malawi: with special reference to aluminium variation in mineral deposits.- Journal of Africa Earth Sciences (in press)


Chimwadzulu Hill: ruby, sapphire, padparadscha, hercynite, zircon and diaspore included in gem-quality corundum (metapyroxenites, harzburgites, amphibolites, clinozoisite- orthozoisite amphibolite-Precambrian Basement Complex), Thambani: corundum, diaspore, muscovite (pegmatites intruded into nepheline gneisses-Precambrian Basement Complex), Mwanza : zircon (albite-enriched pegmatitic rocks-Precambrian Basement Complex), Kapiridimba: kyanite with inclusions of rutile, replaced by muscovite and kaolinite (kyanite fels to kyanite-gneiss in hornblende-biotite gneiss-Precambrian Basement Complex); Mzimba: beryl, aquamarine (zoned mica pegmatites in sillimanite-gneiss-Precambrian Basement Complex), Rumphi, Ilomba Hill: pyrochlore, eudialyte (nepheline syenite-Precambrian Basement Complex), Kapiri Kamodzi: vermiculite, phlogopite, magnesite (pyroxenites-Precambrian Basement Complex), Katengeza: graphite, utile, Fe-Cu sulfides (kyanite-graphite-mica gneiss-Precambrian Basement Complex), Choma Hill, Likudzi River area: amphibole asbestos (metagabbros, amphibolite-Precambrian Basement Complex), Kayelekera-Karonga: uranium oxides ( ?) and uranyl silicates (coal-bearing arkoses and claystones- Permian to Triassic Karroo Group),

Finishi Village : chalcedony, calcite, magnetite, chrompicotite (tholeiitic basalts - Lower Jurassic Stormberg Volcanics ), Kangankunde, Songwe, Tundulu, Chilwa Island, Zomba: monazite, strontianite pyrochlore, bastnaesite apatite, fluorite, barite (carbonatitic igneous rocks, nepheline syenite Upper Jurassic to Cretaceous Chilwa Alkaline Province), Mulanje Moutains: gibbsite, kaolinite - bauxite (Cretaceous to Tertiary), Linthipe, Nkhande: kaolinite (regolith on weathered meta-anorthosite (Cretaceous to Tertiary)), Tengani: ilmenite, rutile (colluvial to fluvial placer (Quaternary)), Mpyupyu Hill: ilmenite, zircon, rutile, leucoxene, garnet (fluvial to deltaic lacustrine placer (Quaternary)), Salima, Linthipe River, Unga River, Monkey Bay: rutile, ilmenite, zircon, garnet, magnetite (fluvial to deltaic lacustrine placer (Quaternary)), Chimwadzulu Hill, Thambani, Mwanza, Kangankunde: garnet, zircon, sapphire, ruby, REE phosphates, apatite (residual, eluvial and part of the colluvial placers (Tertiary to) Quaternary))