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                  Creek and gorge
Focal points of operation and fields of interest: Economic geology of mineral deposits, applied sedimentology and geomorphology, technical mineralogy
Geological periods of interest: Quaternary, Neogene, Paleogene (Tertiary), Permian, Carboniferous
Commodities and lithologies of interest: Sand, sandstone, clay, claystone, limestone, volcanic rocks, pyroclastic rocks, granites, coal, phosphate, uranium, antimony, gold, lead, copper, zinc, barite, fluorite, gypsum, celestite, carbonate minerals, alunite (aluminium-phosphate-sulfate minerals), placer / heavy minerals (gems and gemstones)
Genre painting by Carl Spitzweg
(1808 - 1885) Munich, Germany,
painter and pharmacist
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...being up the creek in search......
...of gas seepages in gorges of the
Chittagong Hill Tracks, Bangladesh
Regional experience (geological excursions and/or studies): Kosovo, Bulgaria, Brazil, Azerbaijan, Georgian Republic, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Malawi, Namibia, Tunisia, South Africa, Argentina, Montserrat (UK), Falkland Islands (UK), South Georgia (UK), St. Kitts and Nevis, Antigua, Sint Maarten (NL/F), El Salvador, Guadeloupe (F), Morocco, Sudan, Qatar, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Nepal, Bangladesh, Botswana, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Mongolia, Malaysia, Republic of Moldova, Australia, Kuwait, Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovakia, Albania, Slovenia, Republic of Serbia,  Montenegro, Republic of Mazedonia (FYROM), Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Lithuania, Hungary, Czech Republic, W-Antarctica, Poland, Spain, Sambia, Zimbabwe, Andorra, Malta, Uzbekistan, USA (W-, E-, SW part), Aruba (NL), Curacao (NL), Bonaire (NL), Martinique (F), St. Vincent, Barbados, St. Lucia, Canada, Norway, Israel, Palastine (West Bank), Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Finland, France, Syria (Golan Heights), Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Ukraine, Romania, Greece, Switzerland, Portugal, Iceland, Latvia, Jersey (UK), Guernsey (UK), Cyprus, Armenia, Turkey, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Russia (European part), South Korea, Singapore, Panama, Colombia, Jordan, Eastern Pacific /Off-Shore South America.