The Drillground - Application Research Training in GEOSCIENCES

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The Drillground

Practical experience has been gathered during more than 35 years in teaching, training and
mentoring young colleagues. Lectures, lecture courses and field seminars in economic geology and applied sedimentology were given for students from universities, staff members from geological surveys and from petroleum companies at

   Mainz, Hannover, München, Germany-(in German)
   Cottbus (Germany) - (in English)
   Kathmandu (Nepal)
   Jakarta (Indonesia)
   Bangkok (Thailand)
   Muscat (Oman)
   Doha (Qatar)
   Dhaka (Bangladesh)
   Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia)
   Vilnius, Klaibeda (Lithuania)
   Zomba (Malawi)
   Tashkent (Uzbekistan)
   Riga (Latvia)
   Tunis (Tunisia)
   Athens (Greece)
   Amman (Jordan)
   Hanoi (Vietnam)
   Iasi (Romania)
   Daejeon (South Korea)
   Ankara, Izmir, Trabzon (Turkey)
   Miskolc (Hungary)
   Brno (Czech Republic)
   Bahia Blanca (Argentina) - (in English and Spanish)
   Bogota (Colombia)- (in English and Spanish)
   Caracas (Venezuela)- (in English and Spanish)
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