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Nature Sitting

· Evaporite deposits of Central Europe (site)
· Industrial mineral deposits of Central Europe (site)
· Coal deposits of Central Europe (site)
· Hydrocarbon provinces in Central Europe (site)
· Mineral resources in Malawi (site)
· Heavy minerals and grain morphology (site)
· Phosphate deposits of the world (site)
· Ore deposits and industrial minerals of Cyprus (site)
· Iron-manganese deposits of Central Europe (site)
· Mining sites in the Central Frankenwald, SE Germany (site)
· Mineral matter of  coal types in Germany (site)
· The "chessboard" classification scheme of mineral deposits: geology and mineralogy from aluminum to zirconium (site)
· Lead-zinc-copper-iron sulfide and barite (stratiform) deposits of Central Europe (site)
· Tin-tungsten-uranium-tantalum-niobium-lithium-molybdenum deposits of Central Europe (site)
· Gold-antimony-arsenic-mercury deposits of Central Europe (site)
· Bismuth-cobalt-chromium-titanium-platinum- group elements (PGE) deposits of Central Europe (site)
· Diagenetic and epigenetic mineralisation in Central Europe related to sequence stratigraphy (site)
· Zeolite-carbonate mineralisation of the Troodos-Ophiolite Complex, Cyprus (site)
· Lead deposits of the Fichtelgebirge, Oberpfaelzer Wald and the Bayerischer Wald/ Boehmer Wald (site)
· Mineral assemblages of sediment- and volcanic-hosted antimony deposits in the Potosi Region (Bolivia) (site)
· Albite pegmatoids of the Muenchberg Gneiss Complex, Northern Bavaria-Germany (site)
· Terrestrial ferromanganese deposits in Mid-Europe, NE Bavaria-Germany (site)
· Aluminium-phosphate-sulfate minerals in El Salvador, Peru, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Indonesia (site)
· Antimony deposits in the central European Variscides and in the Alpine Mountain Ranges (site)
· Vein-type deposits/ mineralization in the Fichtelgebirge Anticline and the Waldsassen Slate Mts., NE Bavaria-Germany  (site)
· Pb-Zn veins in the Frankenwald and adjacent areas of the Thüringer Wald, NE Bavaria-Germany (site)
· Mineral deposits in the Saxothuringian Zone of the Bohemian Massif, Germany-Czech Republic (site)
. Luftkrieg von Aschaffenburg bis Zwiesel - Ein militärisch-technisches Feature zur Heimatgeschichte Nordbayerns (site)
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